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A Recognized Extermination Company on the North Shore

For nearly 40 years, our extermination company has offered full extermination services on the North Shore of Montreal, both for private residences (houses and apartment buildings) and for shops, businesses, industries, and institutional buildings.

Our certified technician exterminators use the latest technology to eradicate insect and rodent pests. Concerned about the environment, our extermination company practises Integrated Pest Management, which entails a moderate use of pesticides and the combination of various means to combat and prevent the appearance of insects or rodents.

Here Are the Extermination Services Our Company Offers:

Our extermination company offers the following services for residential (private homes or apartment buildings), commercial (hotels, restaurants, or other), industrial, or institutional extermination:

  • Extermination of carpenter ants
  • Extermination of pharaoh ants
  • Extermination of pavement ants
  • Extermination of earwigs
  • Extermination of centipedes
  • Extermination of fleas

Why choose Amtech 2000 Extermination?

Nearly 40 years experience in pest control

We operate in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. Our service is fast and the work is guaranteed in writing.

Visits during closing hours for shops or businesses

(restaurants, hotels, or other)

Certified technicians

Our certified technicians use the latest technology to eradicate pests and rodents. Concerned about the environment, our extermination company puts into practice IPM.

Safe and effective

Our licensed technicians team demonstrates professionalism and discretion at all times, ensuring your satisfaction.

Our work is 100% guaranteed

Our extermination company offers guaranteed services. Free evaluation.

Fast and efficient service

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